Time to
shift from
road to sea

This is Lakeway Link

At the beginning of 2024, Lakeway Link will be launching a unique maritime connection between Poland and Sweden for the transportation of cargo. Our roll-on/roll-off vessels will be able to transport anything that can be packed onto a trailer, including high and heavy cargo, the entire way from Gdynia to Södertälje and Västerås through Mälaren, and vice versa — in a safer, quicker, and far more sustainable manner. All without the truck units, truck drivers and the risk of road congestion. Put simply: it’s time to shift from road to sea.

Our solution

Sustainable maritime transport from Gdynia to Södertälje and Västerås. Four times a week.

Interested in a more sustainable and competitively priced alternative to current long-distance transport options? Lakeway Link will soon be the sole shipping company offering scheduled roll-on/roll-off transport for trailers and high and heavy cargo between Gdynia, Södertälje and Västerås. In the beginning of 2024, Lakeway Link will be offering four departures a week in each direction. The journey between the two end destinations will take approximately 30 hours.

About lakeway link

A Swedish shipping company with confidence in the future

Lakeway Link was founded 2023 and is owned equally by Wallenius and Greencarrier. Our premise is, quite simply, to offer an effective and more sustainable alternative to road transportation between continental Europe and central Sweden.


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Whether you have specific cargo requirements or simply want to learn more about Lakeway Link, we’re happy to help. By leveraging roll-on/roll-off vessels, we ensure fast, secure, and efficient delivery of your cargo. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

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