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Sustainable maritime transport from Gdynia to Södertälje and Västerås. Four times a week.

Interested in a more sustainable and competitively priced alternative to current long-distance transport options? Lakeway Link will soon be the sole shipping company offering scheduled roll-on/roll-off transport for trailers and high and heavy cargo between Gdynia in Poland and Södertälje and Västerås in Sweden. In the beginning of 2024, the company will be offering four departures a week in each direction. The journey between the two end destinations will take approximately 30 hours.


Strategically located ports with excellent connections

A range of destinations are within easy driving distance of the Port of Västerås and Södertälje — from the Bergslagen region with its high density of industrial operators to the cities of Uppsala and Gävle, as well as the entirety of central and northern Sweden. To the west, there are excellent road connections to the region of Värmland and to Norway, with Oslo just a 5 hour drive away.

The other end destination of the route, Gdynia, is well-linked to several of Europe’s major transport arteries. Gdynia is also a key transshipment port and a hub for intercontinental maritime traffic.


A more sustainable option

Compared to conventional transportation by road, Lakeway Link is a significantly more sustainable option, whatever angle you consider it from. The climate impact per unit transported from Warsaw to Västerås is more than 50 percent lower. Fewer trucks on the roads also reduces the risk of congestion and traffic accidents. This solution also offers drivers better working conditions, as they avoid having to be on the road for several days in a row and make more efficient use of the trucks.

50% CO2 reduction

Only trailers

Drivers and truck units stay on land

We will only be transporting trailers and high and heavy cargo. Drivers will leave their trailers at the quay and the trailers will be driven on board from there. Neither the truck drivers nor truck units will be transported on the vessel, allowing them to move on to other assignments. Once the vessel reaches its destination, we will drive the trailers off the vessel and hand over them to the next haulier for onward transport.

Illustration of a truck

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Whether you have specific cargo requirements or simply want to learn more about Lakeway Link, we’re happy to help. By leveraging roll-on/roll-off ships, we ensure fast, secure, and efficient delivery of your cargo. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

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