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A Swedish shipping company with confidence in the future

Lakeway Link was founded 2023 and is owned equally by Wallenius and Greencarrier. Our premise is, quite simply, to offer an efficient and more sustainable alternative to road transportation between continental Europe and central Sweden.


Lakeway Link – part of the solution

Why is Lakeway Link so necessary? The answer here lies in the challenges that the European road transport sector is grappling with. On one hand, the need for transportation is growing constantly. On the other hand, more transportation leads to more air pollution, greater climate impact, queues, and traffic jams. What’s more, the sector is also facing a glaring lack of truck drivers. With Lakeway Link we aim to demonstrate how maritime transport — currently an underutilised resource — can help ease the pressure on the roads and become a key part of the solution.

Optimised solution

50 % lower climate impact than road transport

Initially, transportation between Gdynia and Södertälje will be carried out using our RoRo vessel M/S Lakeway Express. However, from 2026 onwards we will be using custom designed vessels that adhere to the new Mälarmax standard, meaning that they are optimised for the new locks leading into Lake Mälaren – offering significantly higher capacity and transportation efficiency. To minimise emissions during the journeys, we are exploring ways of using liquid biogas (LBG) as fuel. The calculations we have commissioned from the consulting company Sigma show that the solution we offer, even with the current vessel, leads to at least 50 percent lower climate emissions per unit transported from Warsaw to Västerås rather than conventional truck transportation by road.


Better working conditions for drivers​

Our concept involves truck drivers leaving their trailers at the quay and not joining them on the vessel. For the haulier, this frees up drivers for other tasks, and for the drivers themselves, this means improved working conditions. Instead of having to spend several days away, more drivers will now be able to go home to their family after their working day, as well as enjoy a ‘normal’ social life. Greater work-life balance will help improve the appeal of the profession, which is sorely needed given the significant lack of truck drivers.

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Whether you have specific cargo requirements or simply want to learn more about Lakeway Link, we’re happy to help. By leveraging roll-on/roll-off ships, we ensure fast, secure, and efficient delivery of your cargo. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

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