Lakeway Link welcomes bookings and presents sailing schedules for the new service

Ahead of our service launch in late May, we are pleased to already be able to offer our customers a range of departures via our sailing schedule, along with the opportunity to send booking requests directly through our website.

Lakeway Link will be the sole shipping company offering scheduled roll-on/roll-off transport for trailers and high and heavy cargo between Gdynia and Södertälje. Starting in the second half of May 2024, we will operate three weekly departures in each direction. The journey between the two end destinations is approximately 22 hours.

Strategically located ports with excellent connections

From 2026, following the reconstruction of the Södertälje locks, we will be able to pass through lake Mälaren and expand our service to also include Västerås.

A range of destinations are within easy driving distance of the Port of Västerås and Södertälje — from the Bergslagen region with its high density of industrial operators to the cities of Uppsala and Gävle, as well as the entirety of central and northern Sweden. To the west, there are excellent road connections to the region of Värmland and to Norway, with Oslo just a 5 hour drive away.

The other end destination of the route, Gdynia, is well-linked to several of Europe’s major transport arteries. Gdynia is also a key transshipment port and a hub for intercontinental maritime traffic.

Are you interested in a more sustainable and competitively priced alternative to current long-distance transport options? Find our departures and charges here.

For more information contact:

Fredrik Hermansson
+46 (0)708 850 036

Johan Praetorius
Commercial Manager
+46 (0)736 614 457

Stefan Sciancalepore
Sales & Business Development Manager
+48 531 592 113

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