May 21 – First shipment for Lakeway Link’s new RoRo-service between Gdynia and Södertälje

On May 21, Lakeway Link will start RoRo service between Gdynia and Södertälje, with three weekly departures in each direction. This marks a milestone in maritime transportation, offering a unique connection for efficient and more sustainable cargo transportation between Poland and Sweden.

Lakeway Link is the only company offering scheduled RoRo transport for trailers and high and heavy cargo between Gdynia and Södertälje. The new connection will relieve the heavily strained road and rail network between the continent and Scandinavia, reducing both congestion and environmental impact. Furthermore, it’s non-driver-dependent.

To deploy this service, Lakeway Link has acquired the M/S Lakeway Express. The RoRo vessel is sailing under Swedish flag and will have its home port in Västerås, where Lakeway Link has its headquarters.

Lakeway Express, with a carrying capacity of 1625 lane meters or approximately 108 trailers, is fully equipped to meet trailer, project cargo and mafi transport needs as well. The vessel will call the OT Port Gdynia and the Port of Södertälje on the Swedish side. The journey between the two destinations is approximately 22 hours. Following the reconstruction of the Södertälje locks in 2026, the service is expected to expand to include Västerås, accessed through Lake Mälaren.

“This is the first step in our introduction of a new, innovative waterway transport solution directly into central Sweden and the Mälaren region. Our solution is a very competitive alternative to traditional road transport, providing a shipping option with comparatively low environmental impact. Additionally, our service addresses the severe shortage of truck drivers. Being non-driver-dependent, drivers leave their trailers at the quay, and the trailers are driven on board from there,” says Fredrik Hermansson, CEO Lakeway Link.

Strategically located ports with excellent connections

Lakeway Link’s new service will not only strengthen the logistics network to and from the Mälar region. It will also facilitate transports to and from final destinations in other parts of Sweden and Norway. Many of them are within easy driving distance of Södertälje and Lake Mälaren.  

The other end destination of the route, Gdynia, is well-linked to several of Europe’s major transport lines. Gdynia is also a key transshipment port and a hub for intercontinental maritime traffic.

For more information contact:

Fredrik Hermansson
+46 (0)708 850 036

Johan Praetorius
Commercial Manager
+46 (0)736 614 457

Stefan Sciancalepore
Sales & Business Development Manager
+48 531 592 113

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