Meet our CEO Fredrik Hermansson

Fredrik Hermansson has been the CEO of Lakeway Link since June 1st this year.

What is your background?

– I started working in logistics and forwarding in the late 1980s. In recent years, I have mainly focused on shipping operations with an emphasis on container traffic. Most recently, I came from the Greencarrier group and a position as Evergreen’s representative in Sweden.

What led you to assume the role of CEO at Lakeway Link?

– It’s incredibly exciting to be part of driving an entirely new Swedish shipping company with a business idea that is so timely. By shipping more goods by sea, we can relieve the road network, make transportation more efficient, and reduce the impact on the climate and environment. We can really make a difference!

What challenges do you see in the near future?

– The most important thing right now is to reach out to transport buyers and goods owners in Swedish industry and let them know that we can offer a new transport corridor between Mälaren and the continent. Our first line with regular traffic for roll-on/roll-off and heavy haulage will operate between Västerås, Södertälje, and Gdynia four times a week.

How will the business develop in the future?

– We aim to establish more lines based on the same basic concept. With attractive transport alternatives that make it possible to move larger volumes of goods from road to sea, we can, together with our customers, contribute to sustainable development, fully in line with the EU’s goals.

For more information contact:

Fredrik Hermansson
+46 (0)708 850 036

Johan Praetorius
Commercial Manager
+46 (0)736 614 457

Stefan Sciancalepore
Sales & Business Development Manager
+48 531 592 113

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