Lakeway Link Partners with ScanOcean to Utilize Sustainable Marine Fuel, Enhancing Environmental Commitments

A large green and white cargo ship named "Lakeway Express Västerås" is docked at a port. The ship features the branding "Lakeway Link" prominently on its side. The ship has a red lifeboat mounted on its upper deck, and its ramp is lowered, indicating it might be in the process of loading or unloading cargo. The sky is clear and blue, and there are trees and hills visible in the background, suggesting a calm and pleasant day at the port. The ground around the dock is empty, with a few scattered objects and equipment.

Lakeway Link AB, in its latest strategic move towards sustainable operations, has announced a significant new partnership with ScanOcean AB, a leader in renewable marine fuel solutions. This collaboration marks the introduction of B15-DMA, a marine fuel with 15% renewable content, for Lakeway Link’s new roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) service connecting Södertälje, Sweden, and Gdynia, Poland.

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